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I knew in order to keep advancing my career and land new roles I had to gain some muscle. I was told that Eric was the man responsible for many overnight physique transformations in Hollywood. Within 21 days of working out with Eric I built more muscle than I did in 2 years of training on my own. My shoulders got super wide, my waist shrunk and strength levels went through the roof. Thanks for all your help and guidance Eric!'

James Maslow Actor, singer-songwriter, model (Big Time Rush)

In my line of work it's crucial to be in great shape. Since I started training with Eric I have increased my shoulder width, gained 15 lbs. of muscle and finally got that perfect V-taper look I always wanted. I recommend Eric to anyone that wants results fast.

Max Martini Actor (Pacific Rim, Saving Private Ryan)

"I grew up playing all kinds of sports and have always been in good shape but still somehow lacked that lean, chiseled physique I always wanted. As an actor, I realized it'd be valuable to create a more symmetrical and muscular physique that could then be transformed relatively quickly to suit the character, whether that be a lean look or something that required a little more size. I heard Eric was the best in the business and the results have been astonishing. If you are serious about looking your best, there's no one better than Eric."

Brendan Fehr Actor (Roswell, CSI: Miami)

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